Steve Katz; Debate, Petition & A FOIL for Silver


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Steve Katz Prevails, Andrew Falk Falters &

Katz Files a FOIL to Investigate Silver’s Slush Fund

September 28, 2012; Yorktown Heights, NY – Last night’s debate between Assemblyman Steve Katz and his challenger, Andrew Falk illustrated the stark differences between the experienced Incumbent and the novice lawyer. The debate took place at the Hudson Valley Cerebral Palsy Association.


Katz Prevails in Debate

Dr. Katz exhibited a clear grasp of the issues that face New York and the 94th District. From tax relief to cleaning up Albany, healthcare reform and improvements in Legislator accountability, Dr. Katz’ clearly illustrated the progress he’s made in attaining his goals in both Albany and at home in the District. Mr. Falk spent most of the evening playing “catch-up” as his knowledge of the key issues was limited.


Failure to Condemn Sexual Harassment, Ethical Lapses in Albany

Mr. Falk’s substandard performance was further exacerbated when he declined Dr. Katz’ invitation to sign a bipartisan petition demanding that Governor Cuomo invoke the Moreland Act and appoint an independent investigator to review Speaker Sheldon Silver’s recent hush-money payments and personal slush fund. Speaker Silver’s secret payoffs were an attempt to keep a fellow Democrat, Vito Lopez’ multiple sexual harassment claims from reaching the news media.


Mr. Falk’s failure to join the bipartisan coalition demonstrated a disregard for sexual harassment complaints in Albany. From a larger perspective, his failure was an insult to women throughout New York.


“I invited Mr. Falk to join me in the only reasonable reaction to Sheldon’s Silver’s latest ethical lapse and he dropped the ball,” said Steve Katz. “As leaders, we must not allow allegations of sexual harassment to be swept under the rug. I was disappointed that he refused to sign our petition. He’s taken Silver’s side as opposed to the millions of Women throughout New York who will not tolerate sexual harassment.”


Sheldon Silver Must Resign

In a related action, Dr. Katz filed a Freedom of Information Law request with the New York State Comptroller requesting further information regarding Speaker Silver’s payouts from the so-called “Miscellaneous” slush fund. Specifically:


(1)Records of all disbursements made from the fund titled “Miscellaneous                 Contractual Services” of the NYS Assembly from its conception to present                  date.
(2) Copies of all active paid disbursement checks made under the fund titled                 “Miscellaneous Contractual Service” of the NYS Assembly from its conception                  to present date.
(3) A copy of the Quick-Pay Voucher that was authorized to be used for the New                 York State Assembly on June 11, 2012 by the Director of Finances, document                  number 664055.

“My calls for Sheldon Silver’s resignation from the New York Assembly are not an election ploy,” said Steve Katz. “This is a matter of principal. Albany is corrupt, Albany is inefficient and the removal of Mr. Silver would be a huge first step in the rehabilitation of our State Capital.”







About Steve Katz

Steve Katz ( currently serves the New York Assembly, 99th District (redistricted to the 94th) and resides in Mohegan Lake, NY with his wife and children. His tenure in the New York Assembly brought about a number of key pieces of common-sense conservative legislation. Dr. Katz is currently spearheading a statewide law requiring a photo ID for elections and has worked tirelessly as an assemblyman to reduce New York’s tax burden and eliminate excessive regulations on businesses. Katz is a veterinarian and has been a small business owner for over 25 years.









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