Kurly Writes in Florida Voices: Faulty Engine Light Illuminates Government Over-Regulation

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Florida Voices

Steven Kurlander: Faulty Engine Light Illuminates Government Over-Regulation

Published in The Florida Voices on 9/25/2012




But for 20 hours and 1,400 miles, I had to stare at that yellow engine light….That engine light drove me nuts the entire way — and made me think that there has to be a better way to regulate auto emissions and control air pollution without faulty government sensorship.


Yet, even if Bloomberg is right, I don’t want him or any government leader to limit

The Mechanic’s Rip Off Dream: The O2 sensor

by Steven Kurlander


After dealing with a faulty O2 sensor on my car this week, I’ve developed a new appreciation for the debate about government over-regulation.


Specifically, I’m frustrated with the way that the Environmental Protection Agency and state governments regulate exhaust emissions on cars and trucks.


My story started about a month ago, after Hurricane Isaac turned the streets of my West Palm Beach neighborhood into rivers. In trying to navigate my way through, I destroyed my car’s engine and had to have it replaced.


After numerous consultations with the repair shop, I thought I knew what to expect, but when I went to pick up my car, the mechanic told me one of the exhaust sensors needed to be replaced. Sure enough, there on the bill was a note that said: “O2 sensor low.”


“That’s going to cost you an additional $150,” he said…Continue Reading



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