A Roundup of Sullivan County & Catskill Mountain News, Business, & Interesting Stuff 09/25/12

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Roundup of Uncensored Sullivan County News & More!

Today’s Sullivan County Uncensored News: 

Lawyer suing on behalf of 140 SC residents takes case to US Supreme Court

The lawsuit by about 140 residents of Sullivan County stems from a 2005 spring flood near the Neversink Dam and Reservoir, which provides 10% of the city’s drinking water. A decision to release water following heavy rains caused a flood “of biblical proportions,” according to Steven Spiegel, who initiated the lawsuit.

Sullivan sets capital goals for next five years

County Manager David Fanslau says there is a no fat in the plan.”Reduced dramatically the amount of capital programs that would be initiated in 2013. We also have reduced the amount of capital programs that would be funded out of the operating budget in 2013 as compared to 2012,” he said.


Getty Images features photos of government relief in Sullivan County

Grace Koehler, 94, speaks with nutrition coordinator Jane Bozan after receiving a “Meals on Wheels” delivery from the Sullivan County Office for the Aging on September 21, 2012 in Barryville, New York. The county government delivers hot meals to hundreds of homebound seniors with limited mobility in rural upstate New York. The nutrition program is for residents age 60 and older and is funded by federal, state and county grants.


Farrell investigates Monticello: Not every conflict is a fatal one

Sullivan County District Attorney Jim Farrell raises an interesting question. Is a lawyer who sometimes works for Legal Aid incapable of being fair when acting as a fill-in justice if one of the lawyers in front of him also is getting a Legal Aid paycheck?

While the media reports the economy is getting better and better across the nation,things seem to be getting worse and worse in Sullivan County. Take a ride in your car and count the number of “homes for sale” signs and you will be shocked. Many of those putting their homes on the market say they do not want to move,but feel they have no alternative because they simply cannot afford to live here.


Schick’s name will appear on the ballot on the Democratic line for the November 2012 general election along with a Columbia County attorney, Richard Mott. There are two positions to be filled starting in January 2013.


A Bandolero is a small race car that is meant to be raced by drivers as young as eight years old and up to 16. The cars and the drivers are an important part of the seasonal racing program at Bethel Motor Speedway, and INEX, the organization that sets the rules for Bandolero races, as well as for cars in other classifications, has asked the operators of the Bethel track if they would be interested in hosting a national Bandolero event next summer.


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Sullivan County & Catskill Mountain Quickies:

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Today’s Featured “Uncensored Sullivan County Facebook” Page Post:

Sick of Hearing Crying and Complaining about SC!

Amy Lucas Kristt : Just a quick question. Why do people believe that Sullivan County has one of the lowest population growths in the state? Is it just because they’ve heard people say that all the time? I would like to know what the real stats are. I know what the census said, but obviously that’s not what people are basing their statements on.

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Recent Uncensored New York State News & Views:

“No” on state fracking health study raises questions

One day after a statement by Governor Cuomo’s environmental commissioner that he is rejecting calls for an independent health analysis of hydrofracking, Commissioner Joe Martens says he’ll conduct an internal health review instead. As it stands, the situation has created more questions than answers.


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Governor Cuomo discusses New York Racing Association

Meanwhile the governor will also have to make a decision on what to do about with the state’s horse racing industry. The New York Post reported on Monday that the state was considering a private take over the scandal-scarred New York Racing Association. State officials did not deny privatization is possible.

Analysts from Moody’s Investors Service downgraded the bond rating for the Port, to Aa3 from Aa2. The downgrade will affect $18.2 billion in consolidated bonds, Moody’s said. It could add millions of dollars to the Port’s borrowing costs, even as leadership struggles to shore up its finances as the World Trade Center development enters its final stages.


Hiring college students for the farm can have drawbacks. “Most of the people here who work for me are here for one season and then move on to other farms, and so that’s actually the biggest challenge,” said Ben Shute, who owns Hearty Roots with his wife, Lindsey. “Every year it’s like training new people.” But he said it was worth having such a staff.

Bazzo 09/28/12

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