**Release** Wagner Hands Greg Ball First-Ever Defeat at the Polls

Press Release

***News Release***

For Immediate Release: Friday, September 21, 2012
Please Contact: Linna Loangkote | linna@justinwagner2012.com | (626) 758-7712
Justin Wagner Hands Greg Ball First-Ever Electoral Defeat
Green Party Voters See Through Incumbent Republican’s Posturing on Fracking, Write In Justin Wagner
Peekskill, NY – The State Senate campaign of Justin Wagner today announced its victory in the Green Party write-in primary for the 40th District State Senate race. In a three-way contested write-in primary for the Green Party’s nomination and ballot line, an outright majority of ballots cast by Green Party members were for Justin Wagner.
Out of 44 ballots cast, Wagner received 28, with Senator Greg Ball and a third candidate each receiving only eight votes. Wagner has handed Ball his first electoral defeat, ending at seven a string of Ball victories in various primary and general elections dating back to 2006.
“I am honored to have the support of Green Party members in the Hudson Valley,” said Wagner. “Safeguarding our environment and reforming government to be accountable to the people are core values for me and for my campaign.”
“Green Party members in the Hudson Valley voted to put the only true advocate for the environment in this race on their party line,” said Wagner campaign manager Steve Napier. “Greg Ball is about as anti-environment as they come. Actions speak louder than words — Ball hasn’t backed up his feigned concern on hydrofracking with real action, and he’s taken numerous votes against the environment. Both the League of Conservation Voters and now Green Party members in the Hudson Valley have thrown their support to Justin because they know Justin will be with them — not just for press releases and photo ops, but when it counts.”
Debate Challenge Wagner campaign manager Steve Napier continued: “Justin emailed Senator Ball directly weeks ago to ask for real debates on the issues, so voters have more to decide this election on than just press releases and circus acts. We’ve been waiting for a response for three weeks, but all we’ve heard is crickets. The election is barely more than a month away — is Greg Ball afraid voters will see through him at a debate the same way Green Party members saw through his posturing on fracking?”

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Our mailing address is:

Friends of Justin Wagner

826 South Street

Peekskill, NY 10566

Bazzo 09/22/12
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1 Response to **Release** Wagner Hands Greg Ball First-Ever Defeat at the Polls

  1. cllundgren says:

    For the record, Justin Wagner is a Democrat, not a Green. He hijacked the Green Party line by use of an Opportunity to Ballot. The Green Party did not endorse, and in fact could not endorse him even if we wanted to because we don’t allow fusion with the corporate backed parties. We did not intend to have a candidate in this race but when Green Party member Jeff Green realized what Wagner had done, he enlisted the aid of other Greens from around the state to make calls to Green enrollees explaining the situation to them and to urge them to write his name in on the ballot. Both Wagner and Republican Greg Ball had staffers call enrolled Greens in the district also, implying that they were the Green Party candidates, if not actually misrepresenting themselves. We have no proof of that but when Greens called, some enrollees said they had been contacted by the Green Party more than once and asked to write in Wagner or Ball (depending upon which campaign they received the call from). When we told them that we were the real Greens, some got indignant and said “We know already. You want us to write in [Wagner /Ball], right?” There will be repercussions from the Green Party over this.
    Carl Lundgren
    Chair, Bronx County Green Party
    GP State Senate Candidate, SD34 – Bronx-Westchester

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