BREAKING: Invalid GOP Chairman Election, Judge For Yourself

Invalid GOP Chairman Election, Judge For Yourself

OFFICIAL STATEMENT (Rockland Republican Academy)
“The Rockland Republican Academy proved last night that citizens can make a difference. Hundreds of voters sent a new slate of Committeemen into the Party in a landslide election, specifically to re-elect new leadership that would stop the forfeiting of the GOP line to Democrats. They have now just enraged the voters even more.
The events of last night have only strengthened our resolve to continue to fight for fair elections and principled leadership within the Party. From the Town Chairmen distributing defamatory accusations to members about his opponent who never had a chance to defend himself or speak, to deciding amongst themselves to have a open “voice” vote, to violating their parties own by-laws by not using actual “ballots”, to having the incumbents non-committee friends casting their “voice” vote as well, to having the winner decided by one man with a clear conflict of interest because his boss was a Candidate, it has all brought myself and others to one obvious conclusion: Not only was the election invalid, but so is Vinny’s title as Chairman.
I’d like to thank Mr. Reda and his fellow Chairmen. Their actions have now provided all of the evidence Republican Voters needed to see what’s wrong with the status quo, and why we need to elect a whole new slate of principled leadership for our Republican Party.”~ Lawrence Stone, Co-Founder & Spokesman for the Rockland Republican Academy.
Your Neighbor and Fellow Republican,
Lawrence Stone Co-Founder & Spokesman
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Bazzo 09/22/12

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