The Town of Fallsburg News & Events

The Town of Fallsburg News & Events
Your Source for Town News, Issues & Events
September 2012
Town of Fallsburg Officials
Supervisor’s Confidential Secretary
Linda Ingber
Town Clerk
Donna Akerley
Arnold Seletsky
Michael Weiner
Nathan Steingart
Joe Levner

Visit Fallsburg Central High School

Visit Tarry Brae Golf Course

Visit Sullivan County Historical Society

Visit T/Fallsburg Rail to Trails

Visit SUNY Sullivan

Visit County of Sullivan

Visit Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce

From the Supervisor’s Desk:
Supervisor Steven Vegliante


Welcome to the newly launched Town of Fallsburg News & Events Email!


The Town Board is very excited to introduce this innovative means of outreach with both Town of Fallsburg residents and others that have an interest in recent news, town business, and the array of wonderful events and attractions in the Town of Fallsburg.

The Town of Fallsburg is a great place to live, work, go to school, and to visit. As part of an effort to move the town ahead, we have decided to reach out and enhance the town’s image and perception-and the quality of life it offers its residents.
This blog is a means to start an important conversation about stimulating a new, exciting era of renaissance for the Town of Fallsburg, a rebirth encompassing its wealth of business, infrastructure, educational resources-and also its natural beauty, volunteerism, and tolerance and neighborly concern for one another that defines our various communities.

In other words, while we will continue to address the problems and challenges facing our township, we want our citizens and others around the world to be proud of all that the Town of Fallsburg has to offer its residents and visitors too.
We will be sending this email twice a month. This is going to be a work in progress that we hope will develop into an extremely effective interactive communications tool to allow our constiuents to become more informed about how we are governing.
We welcome feedback, suggestions-and even complaints-so please email me at If you have an event taking place here, please send it to us so we may post it. Also, please encourage others to sign up for the monthly blast-help us get the positive word out about the Town of Fallsburg.
News and Upcoming Events in the Town of Fallsburg

Stay Informed!

Town Business: Calender of Events and Recent Meeting Minutes:

Recent Meeting Minutes:

Other Town of Fallsburg News:

Town of Fallsburg “Rails to Trails” Committee Applies For Grant
Mountaindale NY After Dark
The Town of Fallsburg “Rails to Trails” Committee has spent the past few weeks racing to meet a grant deadline, are pleased to announce they have completed the necessary tasks, and have successfully gotten the application timely filed...Continue Reading
Fallsburg Community Honors Its Children
The Catskill Chronicle
For the past seven years the Town of Fallsburg has been providing a special summer evening for its youth and families as part of the National Night Out Against Crime Program (NNO).
Throughout the past year Fallsburg Communities That Care, the Fallsburg Police Department, and the Recovery Center in Monticello planned this event. Continue Reading
Woodridge FD Gets New Tanker Truck
The Catskill Scoop
Bazzo 09/21/12
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