A Roundup of Sullivan County & Catskill Mountain News, Business, & Interesting Stuff 09/21/12

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Roundup of Uncensored Sullivan County News & More!

Today’s Sullivan County Uncensored News: 

Livingston Manor digs out from flooding again

The hamlet that has been hit by repeated flooding over the past decade was hit again on September 18, as torrential rains moved through the area. This time it was Cattail Creek coming down from Shandelee mountain that caused the problems. Two homes in Livingston Manor were rendered unlivable, and others were seriously damaged.

Sullivan legislature overrides 2% tax cap

County Manager David Fanslau would not specifically answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when asked by MidHudsonNews.Com whether he might recommend a more than two percent hike when he prepares his 2013 budget proposal, due in November. “The state is sending bills to Sullivan County’s property tax payers that the growth in those programs will exceed what could legally be raised under the tax cap,” he said.


Mayor Jenkins rails against DA Farrell

With District Attorney Jim Farrell in the audience at Tuesday’s village board meeting, Monticello Mayor Gordon Jenkins accused the DA of “misusing his powers.” “Jim Farrell doesn’t respect black leadership; he doesn’t respect this board,” Jenkins asserted, negatively comparing Farrell to the late FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and his investigations into the Civil Rights movement.


Photos from the 84th Sullivan County Volunteer Firefighters Association Parade

Saturday was a big day in Rock Hill, NY as the hamlet of the Town of Thompson hosted the 84th Annual Sullivan County Volunteer Firefighters Parade for the second year in a row. Taking part in the parade were fire departments from Sullivan County, as well as a few from Orange, Ulster and even Rockland County.

The Monticello Village Board has appointed Town of Thompson Justice Martin Miller to serve as the back-up village justice, ending a conflict with the district attorney’s office over the prior appointee, John Kelly.


The Sullivan County Business Expo is an event designed for anyone who purchases products for any particular industry.   With a combination of products and expert advice from the pros, the Business Expo inspires a shop local mentality, as well as informs the average consumer of all the great products and service this area has to offer.


The students and Coordinator of SUNY Sullivan’s Honors Program are hosting a dinner to help raise awareness of the terrible conditions in which many women live in Somalia, and to provide aid to them. The dinner is open to all concerned community members who would like to learn more about this topic and what can be done to help.


Sullivan County & Catskill Mountain Quickies:

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Today’s Featured “Uncensored Sullivan County Facebook” Page Post:

Sick of Hearing Crying and Complaining about SC!

Terri Ward: “106 people showed up last night to YEL!fest at Bethel Woods. Young professionals from all over Sullivan County and the Hudson Valley celebrated their existence here and the fact that they chose to stay and work right here. There were a few people from this page there. They were the ones who are always defending our county and talking about all the good things here. Not one single person from this page that is always crying and complaining about what a crap hole place this is showed up to show their support and try to make these young people feel like they belong. Just shows me that the people on here complaining are either 1. Not willing to do anything about the issues and just want to complain and do nothing more or 2. are not even living in Sullivan County and therefore should keep their mouths closed unless they are willing to come back here and make a difference. Get over yourselves and think of the greater community for once. Rant done. :)”


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Recent Uncensored New York State News & Views:

Verizon, unions reach tentative contract

Verizon and unions representing 43,000 employees have reached tentative, three-year agreements covering job security, retirement and other issues..


Poll: Gibson holds 16-point lead over Schreibman

Congressman Chris Gibson holds a 16-point lead over Democratic challenger Julian Schreibman in the race for the newly drawn 19th Congressional district, according to a new poll from the Siena Research Institute..

Port Authority eyes Atlantic City Airport, potential rival to Stewart Airport

Stewart was acquired in 2007 to be developed as a relief airport for the New York facilities, but has fallen far short of that goal. Since Port Authority acquisition, airlines have pulled out or reduced service at Stewart. Now, Stewart Airport may get competition for the attention of the Port Authority from a booming regional airport in New Jersey.


Gambling interests have spent nearly $50 million on lobbying and campaign contributions in Albany since 2005, and the flow is accelerating as New York considers the expansion of casino gambling, an advocacy group reported Wednesday.

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