Release: Maloney failed to disclose prior voting address

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Michael Knowles 917.727.9253

Hayworth camp asks, “What is he trying to hide?”

FISHKILL, NY—Democratic Congressional challenger Sean Maloney chose not to list any prior voting address on his new voter-registration card, according to information obtained following a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by Congresswoman Nan Hayworth’s campaign with the Putnam County Board of Elections in July. “His own voter registration card shows that Sean Maloney is deliberately working to hide his past from Hudson Valley voters—the same tactic he employed when he helped disgraced former Governor Eliot Spitzer conceal incriminating emails from investigators during the Troopergate scandal,” said Hayworth spokesman Michael Knowles. “Sean Maloney can try to hide his past all he wants, but the truth has a way of coming to light,” Knowles continued. “Mr. Maloney asserts his primary residence is a one-bedroom, 500-square-foot cabin in Cold Spring purchased less than three months ago. The truth is he continues to reside 60 miles away in a Manhattan penthouse so luxurious that it earned a feature in a major lifestyle magazine. “Mr. Maloney lives in the city of New York and in a state of denial, by claiming he’s a member of our community. The voter registration form raises an important question, and the people of the Hudson Valley deserve an answer. Just where has Mr. Maloney been voting all these many years? And why, if he has been a duly registered voter in the State of New York, did he fail to disclose his prior voting address?”
Bazzo 09/14/12
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