PRESS RELEASE: Dear Sandy, Repeal Triborough

KIM IZZARELLI:  Dear Sandy, Repeal Triborough


Video testimony from Monday’s Ed Dept hearing in Newburgh


Assemblywoman’s “Wish List” lacks legislative backbone





September 13, 2012 – Assembly Candidate Kim Izzarelli says her opponent Sandy Galef’s remarks to the New York Education Department Commission panel assembled in Newburgh on Monday were missing something important that most New Yorkers wanted to hear.


Click HERE for Galef’s Remarks – at about the 24 minute mark   (Control & Right Click)


“Assemblywoman Galef has spent her entire career spinning wish lists. She consistently avoids addressing the core issue of education reform in New York. Taxpayers have made it quite clear to me:  ‘Dear Sandy, Repeal Triborough!’  We need to give our school districts and municipalities the leverage they need. We need to empower local government to work on our behalf, again.”


Most alarming to Izzarelli was Galef’s testimony (29 minute mark) calling for a new state income tax to fund education in addition to property taxes. “It shows that Galef is delusional about the true cost drivers of education and how they need to be addressed. New York has a spending problem enabled by lack of legislative will. Solutions, like Galef’s, fail to address the real problems and cost drivers of educational spending in New York: the explosive growth in cost of pension contributions and OPEB.”


“After 20 years in the Assembly, Mrs. Galef continues to spin “wish lists” instead of actively working on behalf of her constituency” said Izzarelli. “She is incapable of leading her party to consensus to resolve complex issues. Why give her two more years (if she) could not get the job done in 20?”


Izzarelli notes that Galef balked over the high level of tax certiorari paid by local school districts and governments, such as her hometown of Ossining, but Galef took no personal responsibility for her role as a legislator and as chair of the Assembly’s Real Property Tax Committee during the last six years.


“The fact is middle and lower income homeowners and condominium owners have been forced to subsidize the failure of our legislature to remain accountable to taxpayers” states Izzarelli. “The ‘equity’ Galef is talking about should mean correcting the inequity that property owners must now pay for unfunded mandates by Albany. Assemblywoman Galef has shown again how out of touch she is with everyday voters trying to get by. She does not represent working people, young families and retirees living on limited incomes.”



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 Bazzo 09/14/12
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