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The Holy Land Review quarterly magazine provides you with up-to-date information on faith, culture and archaeology that’s deeper than headline news.

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In The Holy Land Review, you will find:
  • Contributions from world renowned expertsin biblical scholarship and the Scriptures.
  • Eye-opening articlesthat cast new light on the world in which Jesus Christ taught and lived.
  • In-depth analysesand perspective on the religious and political environment.
  • Vivid photography and narratives that breathe life into the people, places and events of the Gospels.
Subscribe now and you get access to the digital editions right away! Read The Holy Land Review online, no waiting for the postal service.
BonusOlive wood rosary from the Holy Land with a paid subscription!

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Send me 2 issues of The Holy Land Review for FREE! If I like the magazine, I can subscribe for the special introductory price of $18.70 for a one-year subscription. That’s 25% off the list price of the magazine! And I receive the edition in print and online.

With your paid subscription you will also receive, absolutely free, an olive wood rosary made by Christians in the Holy Land as a thank you for your support!
For more information about subscribing to the Holy Land Review, contact us at subscriptions@theholylandreview.com.
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