Gillibrand Should Put Up or Tell Harry Reid to Shut Up

Gillibrand Should Put Up or Tell Harry Reid to Shut Up




Contact: Becky Miller




Albany, NY…August 1, 2012 — “Kirsten Gillibrand is receiving praise for posting five years of tax returns online.”


“As has become here m.o. since her appointment to the Senate, Gillibrand is basking in positive media attention despite having done nothing remarkable.”

“The plain fact is that Gillibrand still hasn’t released taxes from the years before she was elected to Congress.  Specifically, in 2006 Gillibrand refused repeated calls by then-Congressman John Sweeney to release her returns.”


“While Gillibrand basks in her so-called “transparency,” she has a history of hiding her past – such as her advocacy for big tobacco, which was only revealed by the Times Union.   The returns that matter the most and shed the most light on her past are the returns she filed before the years she was in office.”


“But Gillibrand and her Democratic colleagues are still demanding ten years of Mitt Romney’s tax returns. Yesterday, Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wildly accused Romney of having not paid any federal income taxes for ten years.  This irresponsible attack, based on idle speculation, prompted a condemnation even from liberal icon Jon Stewart, who called Reid ‘really, really terrible.'”


“Today, Gillibrand’s leader in the Senate doubled down, and repeated his wild accusation on the floor of the US Senate, a hallowed space that should be reserved for debate on pending legislation that affects the American people.”


“Kirsten Gillibrand can’t have it both ways. She either needs to release her tax returns from the years before she was elected – starting with 2006 – or condemn Harry Reid for his reckless behavior.”

Bazzo 08/03/12
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