In My Opinion: Naked Ambition

Bazzo at Work By Anthony J. Bazzo


Naked Ambition


Who will be the first to say the king has no clothes?  If you read or listen to the common wisdom, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is the best thing to come along since sliced bread. On-time budgets.  Gay marriage. Trying to de-criminalize pot.  The “students lobbyist.”  No new taxes. Property tax caps. The list goes on and on.  Like past Governor George Pataki’s first two years, this head of state is swinging hard left, but will try to get more four-year terms on the back of the first two years.


We are led to believe our government is getting smaller. Where? How? The budget still is $132 billion.  Taxes were raised on high-income earners during the 2011 Christmas holiday.  The two most powerful special interests, schools and health care, got more money.


The “Triborough Amendment” still stands. It allows public sector unions all benefits of expired contracts, including built-in raises, while stonewalling talks to negotiate new contracts. Not one unfunded mandate has bit the dust.  The


The Court of Appeals,  highest court in the state, ruled that teachers have no right to privacy in regards to evaluations when it ruled that those evaluations be made public. Yet, the Governor, against the ruling of the court, decided that teachers have a right to privacy as he, along with the legislature, sided with the teachers’ unions and thereby limited the public’s right to know how well or how badly teachers we pay are performing.


Governor Cuomo supports an increase in the minimum wage to $8.50 an hour from its current $7.50 an hour.  He is in a box; by standing in the way of good-paying private sector union and non-union jobs, he must raise salaries of low-paying jobs.  He stands in the way of good paying jobsby standing in the way of hydrofracking in the southern tier of New York that is desperate for jobs.


By keeping out good jobs, he increases dependence on government with low-paying jobs.  Think food stamps.  Rent payment assistance.  Medicaid.  They all keep people dependent on government for their daily existence and ensure votes to keep in power those giving assistance.


Marketing hype aside, New York is not open for business. Oh, but it still is giving the people the business.


If you disagree, wait till after the November elections, when a special session of the legislature will be called to give themselves a raise from to over $100,000.00, from the current $79,500.00.


You read it here first: the king has no clothes.


This is my opinion, you may beg to differ.


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