Bob Turner Shamelessly Exploits Children in Political Stunt

Statement from U.S. Senate Candidate George Maragos:
Bob Turner Shamelessly Exploits Children In Political Stunt

In a desperate attempt to grab a headline, Bob Turner engaged in pure exploitation of kindergarten children using them in a political stunt without parental consent yesterday outside New York City school, P.S. 90.

Mr. Turner and his staff manipulated innocent children to sing and pose for photos with him with the alleged promise of being on “T.V.” When called out by parents and bystanders he turned and ran instead of staying to explain why he had recruited children as they exited classes. Then it got more bizarre as his office issued a baseless allegation blaming Senator Gilllibrand for sending hecklers to interrupt his press conference.
Mr. Turner, those were not hecklers. They were concerned parents and bystanders.

There should be no room in our government for those who exploit school children for political stunts. I call on Bob Turner to immediately apologize for his shameless act.
One wonders whether Bob would appreciate his own children being rounded up for a political rally outside their schools.

Bob, you may want to be on TV, but leave other people’s children alone.

About: George Maragos is the current elected Comptroller of Nassau County. He is a Republican candidate for the United States Senate in 2012 against New York Senator Gillibrand.


Contact: 917-215-3017

Bazzo 06/20/12

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