Commentary:Lisa Douglas:To all New York Republicans.

To all New York Republicans.


Let me ask you a question…Suppose I told you that this week a heavy hitter (DEAN SKELLOS) was coming down from Albany to meet with local Town Supervisors and Republican Committee Chairs (Putnam, Dutchess and Westchester Counties) to, hmm, let’s say strongly suggest that the Republican Party not have a primary (40th Senate District) and go with the incumbent (Greg Ball). Would you be happy knowing that YOU WILL NOT have a choice but yet again be ‘told’ what is good for you?? Would you be happy knowing the system set in place to ALLOW FOR OUR VOICE is being circumvented AGAIN!


Well, it’s happening. When will our beloved party learn? If you are not happy about this please call HIS office 518- 455-3171 AND LET HIM KNOW that we, the voters of New York, are quite capable of selecting our own representative – be sure to say thank you. I don’t know about you but I am TIRED of being MANIPULATED.
If WE are not choosing what we sow, WE won’t be reaping what WE want. There is NO PLACE for Paternalism in government. WE MUST preserve the option of Choice or we deserve what we get. Please, make the phone call and let him know we choose to play by the Founders rule book not his.


What Skellos is doing is trying to bypass our election system that emerged in the late 19th century as a reaction against strong party organizations control over nominations. We should have a say in who runs for the representative seats. This is not about liking one candidate over another – this is about a process that has been in place for years to better serve us – the constituents, the taxpayers. The paternalism is evident – the ‘we know best’ mentality is rampant and as voters we must take a stand and scream – let the system do its job and let us have a choice. It’s really that simple.


— Lisa Douglas


Bazzo 02/29/12

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