Newburgh Jazz Series Need Your Support

I can’t wait to play this event on 7/20! Although I haven’t been there yet, I have heard nothing but great things about this series. Also, in speaking with the promoter, it seems that Aquanetta’s heart is in the right place, for the community and for the music.
Jazz has gone through it’s trials and tribulations over the years but two one things that stay constant are 1. it is truly our (American) music and 2. it always needs help to sustain.
I believe this event is worthy of any support we can give it and I hope you can give a little and/or pass this on to your lists.
Lastly, I hope to see a lot of you when the Quintet plays in this Series on 7/20.
Andy Polay

Please Support

The Newburgh Jazz Series

Any amount, no matter how small HELPS!!

Now in its FIFTH SEASON, the Newburgh Jazz Series’ brings great music to the community.

It is a FREE, FAMILY FRIENDLY event that has been pleasing its audience since the beginning!

BUT::: these wonderful concerts NEED YOUR SUPPORT!!!

PLEASE send $1, $5, $100, or be a Corporate Sponsor, but PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY and SUPPORT America’s Only True Musical Arform: JAZZ!!

And don’t forget to COME OUT and SUPPORT the Artists and the Community.

Contact the Ferry Godmother at

I invite you to join me in making the 5th year successful!. Go to Our Website and Click the donate button today!

Bazzo 05/31/11
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