In My Opinion:The truth About The 2012 Republican Budget….Unedited

Dear Readers:

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Here is what former House Speaker Pelosi said Monday (04/11/11) “To my Republican friends: take back your party. So that it doesn’t matter so much who wins the election…” She is acknowledging the dirty little secret I have been trying to warn you about. There is a ruling class and party affiliation does not matter. Once you are in, you are part of the ruling class.

She is telling the Republicans to jettison the “tea party”. That’s you. You see the Tea Party is not so much a party than it is a true grass roots movement. That being the case, you the tax payer are a danger to the ruling class and their continued quest for total control over everything you do. If you are marginalized then the ruling class can do what they wish without restrictions, such as that pesky Constitution that the ruling class feels is a straight jacket, which it was designed to be.

Look at “Cap and Trade” which the ruling class wishes to use to control your movements. Class warfare regarding the tax code. His Majesty Obama last Wednesday (04/13/11) came down from the mountain to tell use that those that achieve success need to pay more taxes, calling it their fair share. The top 3% of wage earners pay 60% of the taxes now. 44% of the people pay no incomes at all, and with the earned income tax credit, get most is not all their FICA taxes back. How fair is that.

Let’s not forget “Obama Care” which is the greatest assault on liberty, where the government forces you to purchase health insurance under penalty of fine and/or imprisonment. Also if you do not think this is the ruling class’ attempt at control over life and death, look no further that those continuing resolutions passed by Republican controlled Congress that continues to fund “Obama Care” to the tune of 100 billion dollars this year. The Republicans could have de-funded it, and chose not to. Yes, they too are part of the ruling class now.

So you must get your hands around the fact that you, the tax payer are an enemy of the state and must be neutered. Through various laws, codes, regulations and taxes the ruling class is trying to do just that. Last November, you sent a message. It is time to contact your representatives and tell them they are on a short leash. You will not be neutered or dismissed. This is my opinion, you may beg to differ.

Anthony J. Bazzo

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