In My Opinion:Government To Tax The Miles You Drive…Unedited

Dear Readers:

As recently reported in “The” The Obama administration has another answer to high gas prices.
It is a new tax on how many miles you drive. According to The “The Obama administration has floated a transportation authorization bill that would require the study and implementation of a plan to tax automobile drivers based on how many miles they drive.” This is because Congress,both parties included, raided the dedicated taxes towards infrastructure, roads and bridges so now there is no money left.

What you may ask, what about “stimulus one”, the almost one billion dollars passed by a Democrat controlled congress that we were told would be used for “shovel ready jobs” like roads and bridges? Well that money went to the states and they used it to keep solvent their public sector unions pensions. We were sold a bill of goods. Remember it was a congressional election year last year. Stimulus one and two
really were just slush funds to re-elect Democrats.

This new proposal a vehicle miles traveled (VMT) tax could be tracked by installing electronic equipment on each car to determine how many miles were driven; payment could take place electronically at filling stations. To think you thought that all those other taxes paid for at the pump were enough. In New York the totals combined taxes amount to 61 cents per gallon.

These funds would be used to create a new bureaucracy “The Federal Highway Administration, a Surface Transportation Revenue Alternatives Office,” so you see, another bill of goods. No roads, no bridges, just more government employees.

Here is the real kicker, you get to pay for the device that hooks up to your car to monitor your mileage. That’s right you get to pay for the stick they are going to beat you with. The real insidious part is that this devise will allow the government to monitor your movements.

What we have is another way to increase the costs of gas, not supply. Another way to control and monitor your movements. Another expansion of government. I have told you before, this government is waging an economic war against you. This is another example. This is my opinion, you may beg to differ.

Anthony J. Bazzo
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Bazzo 05/31/11

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